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Senate and House budget-appropriations hearings

State System representatives appeared before the Senate and House appropriations committees Feb. 23. Chancellor Frank Brogan, Bloomsburg University President David Soltz, and Logan Steigerwalt, Board of Governors nominee and Slippery Rock University student, responded to legislators' questions. Click here to watch the hearings.

Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education's Board of Governors requested a 2017–18 appropriation of $505.2 million, an increase of $61 million. In his address this month, Gov. Tom Wolf announced $8.9 million more for our 14 universities in his budget proposal. Click here to view details about Wolf's proposal.

While no APSCUF representatives testified at the hearings, we can reach out to committee members to urge fair funding for our universities. Please email, call, or visit your local legislators who may be committee members, listed below. Need ideas for your communications? Click here to view APSCUF's #fundPAfuture statistics on Twitter.

Chamber Title Name Email Phone
Senate Chair Patrick Browne 717-787-1349
Senate Minority Chair Vincent Hughes 717-787-7112
Senate Vice Chair Kim Ward 717-787-6063
Senate Majority Ex-Officio Joseph Scarnati III 717-787-7084
Senate Majority member David Argall 717-787-2637
Senate Majority member Lisa Baker 717-787-7428
Senate Majority member John Eichelberger Jr. 717-787-5490
Senate Majority member Stewart Greenleaf 717-787-6599
Senate Majority member Thomas Killion 717-787-4712
Senate Majority member Wayne Langerholc Jr. 717-787-5400
Senate Majority member Scott Martin 717-787-6535
Senate Majority member Bob Mensch 717-787-3110
Senate Majority member Mario Scavello 717-787-6123
Senate Majority member Elder Vogel Jr. 717-787-3076
Senate Majority member Randy Vulakovich 717-787-6538
Senate Majority member Scott Wagner 717-787-3817
Senate Majority member Gene Yaw 717-787-3280
Senate Minority Vice Chair Judith Schwank 717-787-8925
Senate Minority Ex-Officio Jay Costa 717-787-7683
Senate Minority member John Blake 717-787-6481
Senate Minority member James Brewster 717-787-5580
Senate Minority member Art Haywood 717-787-1427
Senate Minority member Daylin Leach 717-787-5544
Senate Minority member Sharif Street 717-787-6735
Senate Minority member Christine Tartaglione 717-787-1141
House Chair Stan Saylor 717-783-6426
House Minority Chair Joseph Markosek 717-783-1540
House Majority member Karen Boback 717-787-1117
House Majority member Jim Christiana 717-260-6144
House Majority member Sheryl Delozier 717-783-5282
House Majority member George Dunbar 717-260-6132
House Majority member Garth Everett 717-787-5270
House Majority member Keith Greiner 717-783-6422
House Majority member Seth Grove 717-783-2655
House Majority member Marcia Hahn 717-783-8573
House Majority member Susan Helm 717-787-1230
House Majority member Warren Kampf 717-260-6166
House Majority member Fred Keller 717-787-3443
House Majority member Jerry Knowles 717-787-9029
House Majority member Nick Miccarelli 717-787-3472
House Majority member Duane Milne 717-787-8579
House Majority member Jason Ortitay 717-787-1281
House Majority member Michael Peifer 717-783-2037
House Majority member Jeffrey Pyle 717-783-5327
House Majority member Marguerite Quinn 717-772-1413
House Majority member Brad Roae 717-787-2353
House Majority member James Santora 717-783-8808
House Majority member Curtis Sonney 717-783-9087
House Minority member Kevin Boyle 717-783-4944
House Minority member Tim Briggs 717-705-7011
House Minority member Donna Bullock 717-787-3480
House Minority member Mary Jo Daley 717-787-9475
House Minority member Madeleine Dean 717-783-7619
House Minority member Maria Donatucci 717-783-8634
House Minority member Marty Flynn 717-787-8981
House Minority member Ed Gainey 717-783-1017
House Minority member Patty Kim 717-783-9342
House Minority member Stephen Kinsey 717-787-3181
House Minority member Leanne Krueger-Braneky 717-705-2567
House Minority member Michael O'Brien 717-783-8098
House Minority member Mark Rozzi 717-783-3290
House Minority member Peter Schweyer 717-787-2909