Our Legislative Goals and Agenda

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According to its founding legislation, Act 188, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education “shall be part of the Commonwealth’s system of higher education. Its purpose shall be to provide high quality education at the lowest possible cost to the students.” APSCUF believes that quality, accessible and affordable public higher education is the key to Pennsylvania’s future.

A. APSCUF advocates sufficient baseline funding for the 14 State Owned Universities to ensure that the Commonwealth reaps societal benefits, including economic productivity, job creation, valuable research, increased tax revenues, and an engaged and educated populace.

B. APSCUF supports the enactment of a dedicated and continuous appropriations mechanism to fund the 14 State Owned Universities.

C. APSCUF will take a leadership role in the introduction and passage of legislation that benefits the State System of Higher Education, its students, and its faculty and that advances the system’s role in the cultural, social and educational revitalization of the campus communities.

D. APSCUF promotes Pennsylvania’s public higher education system by supporting, through funding and core missions, a climate that fosters accessibility and affordability to diverse populations.

E. APSCUF will continue to monitor the operation of the State System of Higher Education to ensure that Act 188 is appropriately implemented and that individual institutional autonomy is preserved.

F. APSCUF will work with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and other regulatory agencies to ensure APSCUF and other faculty representation in the development and implementation of higher education policies.

G. APSCUF will work to decrease the indebtedness of PASSHE students through changes to PHEAA grants.

H. APSCUF promotes legislation that regulates for-profit higher educational institutions.

APSCUF supports faculty collective bargaining for advancing professional standards. The APSCUF contract is designed to ensure academic freedom and tenure, maintain benefits and promote collegial university governance.

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